About us

Ski Apartments Bulgaria is a Bulgarian Real Estate Agency with UIC: , address of management: 74 Popova shapka Str, apt. 9, Reduta quarter, Sofia 1505, Bulgaria. Since its establishment, our company has been offering high-quality services according to the worldwide trends and global practices, so that it manages to achieve high professional results in the area of real estate business in Bulgaria. We launched our business activity in one of the most critical moments for the real estate market – the moment of deep recession and world economic crisis.

The Concept of Ski Apartments Bulgaria’s work depends on the availability of choice only among real offers on attractive prices, wide range of all services accompanying the whole process in real estate transactions, and our main priority remains “satisfied customers”. The real attest to our correct attitude is the appreciation and the recommendations which we have been receiving from our customers over the years.

Ski Apartments Bulgaria had managed to achieve professional results by applying innovative practices in submitting of information and working with it. Daily analysis and research of the worldwide trends and their applying to the local real estate market aim to protect the interests of our customers. Better communication, high professional standards and customer care are indispensable for all real estate agents in our company.

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