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Ski Apartments Bulgaria daily proves its work it is a secure and correct partner in the real estate business, which has always defended the interests of their customers! We know the market very well, even smallest details in business and we are ready to guide you through all stages of the whole process of acquiring property – search and selection, preparation of the documents to the finalization of the transaction. For your convenience, we have prepared 7 (seven) easy steps to successful purchase a property, you must follow:

  1. Searching of a property market survey – the first step to finding the perfect property for purchase that meets all your requirements and preferences is to define the location of the property. A careful research area you have chosen does it meet it your interests, what advantages and weaknesses there are, prospects for development and potential for growth in property prices – these will guarantee the profitability of your investment. Quick and easy in the comfort of your home, check out in detail our website where you will find the most attractive properties for sale throughout the year and very interesting information about the best ski resorts in Bulgaria – Bansko, Borovets, Pamporovo, Vitosha-Sofia.
  2. Contact us to ask a question – at any convenient time for you by phone or email, contact us and we will be happy to answer on all of your questions. We are professionals with years of experience, we have information on searches and offering of property market, we have a realistic look at the price levels based on numerous deals that we have completed for our customers. For any normal person, the purchase of property is a process that normally happens 2-3 times a conscious life, and for us this is routine. Once you have answered a few short questions from our consultants, we can define the parameters of searching on your property – after location, property type, living floor, build-up area, budget and finance, urgency of purchase, etc.
  3. Arrange a viewing, reserve a property – after we have discussed and analyzed all your requirements and preferences for the purchase of real estate in Bulgaria, we will prepare a short list of properties whose parameters meet the preset criteria and will arrange to view this real estate. For quite some time, the modern information technologies have entered into the real estate business in Bulgaria. Through our corporate web sites we are able to provide full and comprehensive information about every property for sale – property description, copies of property documents, photo gallery, architectural drawing of the property, video, location on an interactive map and even “Street View”. This is an enormous advantage in contemporary business, especially for our wide range foreign customers who can reserve property by paying the deposit directly via the Internet even before been able to organize their trip to Bulgaria, but it will guarantee for them the preferred property!
  4. Payment of a deposit, negotiating the terms and conditions – after making viewing of your preferred properties, discuss with your consultant the advantages and disadvantages of each real estate, which are inspected. Create a short list of your priorities and possible compromises that you are willing to do. If necessary or in doubt, ask for a second view of some of the properties on which you have focused its interest. Ask your advisor questions, the answers to which will help you make your most important decision to choose a real estate for purchase. The next step is to pay a deposit for the property, which will guarantee that this property will be removed from the market for sale and will not be offered to other potential buyers in the defined period of the Contract for deposit, and you are the only person who will buy this property under the terms and the price recorded in this contract. All offer prices of the real estate properties are subject to negotiation, but your expectations and comments must be reasonably practicable!!!
  5. Legal advice, preparation of preliminary contract – in real estate deals, we always recommend to use the services of a practicing Lawyer. For the safety of our customers, we are always ready to provide the services of our Lawyers who have years of successful experience in solving cases in the field of real estates. Legally remains the right of each client to choose a Lawyer who is not directly related to the deal to protect its interests. Each lawyer in Bulgaria is obliged to give you legal advice, in accordance with current laws, for false or misleading information, it is also subject to criminal liability. Your appointed Lawyer will prepare a preliminary contract for the sale, in which will be recorded all the terms and conditions of acquiring on the property – counterparties, subject of the contract, price and method of payment, provision of financing, deadlines for implementation, penalties, etc. Remember that the payment of Lawyer’s fees is an investment in your security!
  6. Preparation of documents for the deal taxes – after signing of the preliminary contract for the sale, starts the process of preparing documents of the deal. For each of the real estate deals in Bulgaria is necessary package of documents, the most important of which are: document of ownership (Title Deed), tax evaluation, a sketch of the landed property, cadastral scheme of the property, a certificate burdens of the property, etc. Preparation of all necessary documents takes 2 to 4 weeks, during which time your Lawyer will make a complete check of these documents and ownership of the property to ensure your security in the deal. It was only after the your consultant received confirmation from the Lawyer for the veracity and the authenticity of documents on the property, will arrange a date and time in the Notary to be signed the final contract in the form of Title Deed. On acquisition of real estate in Bulgaria by law must to be paid three basic charges: Tax on transfer of the rights of ownership (Local tax), Tax for registration of the deal in the property register (entering fee) and Notary fee – the sum of the which is an amount equivalent to 3.5-4% of the value of the property according to its location.
  7. Signing of the final contract, finalizing the deal – this is the last and most important step that practically certifies the transfer of ownership of the property. The signing of the final contract in the form of Title Deed are performed in front of Notary with the area of operation the region in which is located the specific real estate after a pre-arranged day and time. All operable Notaries and their regions of operation are listed in the register of the Notary Chamber on the Republic of Bulgaria. Obligation of every Notary is to register the signed Title Deed in the Property Register on the Registry Agency of the Ministry of Justice. The Notary acting as a guarantor, who represents the official power in the country and its main purpose is to certify whether there are legal impediments to the transfer of ownership on the particular real estate. In the event that either Party at the deal may not be present directly, in the Bulgarian law are provides possibilities for representation by expressly prepared for this purpose Notarized power of attorney.

CONGRATULATIONS! Already you are proud owner of your dream property in Bulgaria!

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