Property Management

Ski Apartments Bulgaria recommends the service Management & Maintenance for all owners of holiday homes and properties in Bulgaria. We will look after and keep your property in good condition at any time, like it is our own…

Property Management Packages

  1. Management & Maintenance (M&M) – contract 1 (one year)
  • Collection of the keys for the apartment from the Developer’s office and makes set of 2 copies on the keys;
  • Initial inspection of the property and establish a protocol for an inventory, as required for the rental shall be signed by the owner;
  • Advice and recommendations for any necessary repairs (structural problems, cracks, moisture) or replacement of furniture, a report on the overall condition of the property;
  • Check the condition of all electrical appliances, of water supply and electrical installation;
  • Check for pests, parasites and possible measures for their removal;
  • Payment of Bills and Taxes of any kind related to your property, mail collection;
  • Regular inspection of the property and airing, we can send you pictures of your property once a month (when the property is occupied by tenants, mandatory after each tenant);
  • Emergency check of the property after natural disasters such as storms, torrential rains, earthquakes, etc.;
  • Arranging cleaning and ventilation on the property once a year, included in the price of the package;
  • Representation on the community assembly (only if requested by the owner and after preparing on the official PoA);

Prices for different types of apartments:

– Studio € 200 (without VAT)

– One-bedroom € 250 (without VAT)

– Two-bedroom € 300 (without VAT)

  1. Management & Maintenance + Accountancy (M&M+A) – contract 1 (one) year

– We charge extra € 150 (without VAT) – Every property owner in Bulgaria who wants to pay in his name and on his behalf annual local taxes and to fill its tax declaration. Our accounting expert will prepare all the documents for you or your company. Despite that the company is stand-by i.g. the company does not trade and is used only for the purchase of the property we will arrange the preparation of the company annual accounts by an accountant, and the submitting to the annual tax returns to the tax office;

  1. Management & Maintenance + Letting (M&M+L) – contract 1 (one) year

– We charge commission 20% (without VAT) of the gross rental income or pay fixed rental price to the property owner when we rent out your property on short-term bases (1-29days of stay) or 50% of the first monthly rental when we find a long-term tenant.

  1. Booking Agent – contract 1 (one) year

– We charge commission 10% (without VAT) – Those property owners (landlords) who have decided to use the platform for letting their property. It is important to know that there is no set up fee for advertising the property with us, and fixed commission is deducted only for successful reservations;


  • Insurance – We can recommend and arrange home insurance for you which will guarantee you that your home is covered in case of disaster, etc.
  • Security – We can provide the services of the best Security companies in Bulgaria, which will offer you individual security system installation for your property.
  • Cleaning & Laundry – Partners form qualified cleaning company are providing professional cleaning and laundry services after ordering in advance
  • Repairs & Refurbishing – If required we can help you with plumber, electrician, house-painter, builder etc.
  • Furnishing – We are partner with the leading furniture companies in Bulgaria, which will prepare for you an individual project for furnishing your home with traditional or modern furniture.
  • Transport – We provide transportation services to our guests from any place in Bulgaria, from the borders of the airports to the resorts, cities, towns, villages where your properties are located.


Welcome pack – € 36 with VAT

Often, after a long travel, you feel tired and out of place. Arriving late at night or early morning may also cause some inconveniences. We, at Ski Apartments Bulgaria, want to make you feel as comfortable as possible, so that you can enjoy your ski vacation from the moment you arrive. For your convenience, we offer a “Welcome package” that includes the following:


Butter or margarine

Fruit butter or marmalade

Eggs 6 pcs. package

Ham 240 g

Cheese 200 g

Yellow cheese 200 g

Olives 200 grams –

Mineral water 1.5 l –

Milk 1 liter –

Orange juice 1L

Bulgarian red or white wine, 1 bottle of 0.7 L

Bulgarian alcohol (vodka, rum, whiskey) 1 bottle

Beer 6 pcs. package

Chips 140 g

Chocolate 100 g

Bananas 1000 grams

Box cookies 110 g

Tea Package 20 pieces

Instant coffee 50 g



Toilet paper


Dish soap

Liquid hand soap

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