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Being the oldest winter destination in Bulgaria, Borovets is established as a resort in 1896 and today is the second most popular ski resort after Bansko. Modern Borovets has a lot to offer to the tourists – excellent slopes, up-to-date lifts and other skiing facilities, along with comfortable accommodation in luxury hotels and guest houses. Visitors have a lot of shopping options in the local stores, while the restaurants provide them will the opportunity to sample local dishes and drink top wines.

Compared to the resorts of Alpine type, Borovets is an excellent destination for a wide variety of winter sports, such as night- skiing, skiing, cross-country skiing, ski jumps, snowboarding, ski-doo, biathlon, and more. The resort offers ski runs for skiers of all levels – advanced, intermediates, and beginners. The signs and markings are multilingual, so that the foreigners can read and understand all the instructions.

Geographic Location:

Borovets is locates on the eastern slopes of Rila Mountain, near the highest peak known as Mousala. The place is extremely beautiful and relaxing, surrounded by thick pine woods. It is situated about 1390 m above the sea level, while the highest slopes are at 2600 m high. The nearest town, Samokov, is located in just 12 km, while the Bulgarian capital is in 72 km. There are three groups or slopes available in Borovets: three of them are located in Yastrebets region, four – in Markudjik region, and the rest are in Sitnyakovo and Martinovi Baraki region. The region of Yastrebets is considered to offer the best ski slopes that are preferred by tourists. The ski center in Yastrebets is known as a place where different winter sports competitions are organized.


The mountain location of Borovets provides healthy climate with mild and snowy winters. The fresh and clean air that is free of pollutants helps people improve their health. In January, which is considered the coldest month of the year, the average temperature is about minus 5 C. The snow cover is usually formed in the middle of December and continues till April.


Borovets has an advanced lift system that includes a Gondola lift for six people. The tracks for biathlon and cross-country can be found in just 2 km from the resort. The beginners can use cross-country tracks for tuition. The periods with less snow are covered by 14 machines for artificial snow. Visitors can improve their skiing skills using the services of one of the 200 ski instructors in the resort, who speak foreign languages as well. There is a round-the-clock mountain rescue service.
Borovets is the biggest ski center in Bulgaria when it comes to equipment capacity and slopes. The total length of marked ski slopes are 58 km, and cross-country slopes are 35 km. The lifts have a capacity to serve 15,400 tourists per hour and provide direct access to all the slopes. A large part of the resort territory is covered by artificial snow system.


The active night life in Borovets is maintained by multiple bars, discos, and night clubs available in this winter resort. Buzz bar, Bonkers disco and Mamacitas are only a few of the most popular of them that provide excellent party at any time of the night. Special shows, ‘happy hour’ discounts, international dance music are only some of the surprises prepared for the foreign visitors. Those who are interested in Bulgarian folk music and in national ‘horo’ can visit taverns and restaurants where this music is often played.


Till the middle of 20 century, Borovets have been called Chamkoria, a place where popular people like Prince Ferdinand have built their cottages here. Two times the resort has been a host of the Alpine Skiing World Cup. 60s and 70s of the 20th century have been the period of the resort’s rapid expansion, when alpine style accommodation and facilities for winter sports are built.


Bulgaria’s goal is to preserve the valuable cultural heritage that could be seen in Borovets that is why the Old Town, which is the historical area of the resort, has received the status of cultural value with local significance. The Old Town consists of old houses of high architectural value.

The resort is a host of one of the biggest Bulgarian folklore festivals called The Magic Of Rila Mountain that takes place in June too. During this 3-day festival, the visitors can learn more about Bulgarian traditions and culture, including folk and fire dances, demonstrations of artisans from any part of the country, sample traditional dishes, and see some of the customs and rituals performed from centuries in the territory of country.


Borovets winter resort offers excellent conditions for a wide variety of winter sports, such as alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, and snowboarding. Furthermore, the snow reaches 2 meters in the high parts of Rila Mountain in high season, which provides exceptional opportunities for extreme skiing. The slopes have varying degrees of difficulty and are suitable for both beginners and advanced skiers.

Apart from the winter sports and entertainments, Borovets is worth to be visited during the summer as well, providing excellent opportunities for the lovers of horse riding, fishing, jeep safari, biking, etc. This is the time of the year when the pine forests are tranquil and cool, the meadows are covered with various herbs and flowers and the weather is ideal for Rila tours to some of the most fascinating places in Bulgaria.

Among the latest offers of the resort are Jeep Safari or hiking in Rila Montain. A full-day safari tour to the popular Seven Rila’s Lakes is also available. During their holiday, tourists can climb Malyovitsa peak. Even though it is not as high as Musala, according to the mountaineers, it is more difficult to climb on.

Most hotels in the resort offer saunas, indoor pools, spas, as well as yoga, fitness, and tennis to the guests. Some of the biggest hotels can also offer bowling, minigolf, and other exciting sports.

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