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Pamporovo is one of the best winter resorts in Bulgaria offering tourists unforgettable memories in the very heart of the beautiful Rhodopi Mountain. It is not surprising that Pamporovo is the sunniest winter resort in Bulgaria, as it is the most southern European one. It provides excellent conditions for skiing throughout the winter season and is not too far away from one of the most ancient cities in the world, Plovdiv.


Pamporovo is situated in just 85 km from Plovdiv. Bulgarian capital Sofia is located in 240 km from the resort, which is located on 1650 m above the sea level. The Snejanka peak rises just above Pamporovo, providing great opportunities to the tourists to combine skiing with other winter sports.

Pamporovo is located in a region that is rich in history. The nearby located towns of Smolyan and Chepelare preserve local traditions from the ancient times. The villages of Shiroka Laka, Gela, Stoykite, and Arda offer picturesque nature and are known for the hospitality of the local people.


The winter in Pamporovo is soft with predominant number of sunny days. The average winter temperature is about  3 °C and the skiing season lasts for 4 months – from the middle of December till the middle of April, when the slopes are covered with snow creating excellent snowboarding and skiing conditions.

Ski Pistes:

The pistes in Pamporovo are safe and well maintained to offer appropriate conditions for both beginners and advanced skiers. There are pistes of all levels of hardship located between 1450 and almost 2000 m above the sea level on the western, eastern and northen Snejanka peak’s slopes. The main ski pistes start from the mountain peak, but there are conditions for off-piste snowboarding and skiing. However, using this option without a local guide is not recommended.

There are several ski schools for children and adults, as well as a kindergarten for children from 4 till 7 years old. Advanced skiers can take advantage of the more difficult ski pistes, while the beginners will find perfect rounded slopes to practice this sport too. The so-called “The Wall” is the most challenging ski piste of all. Not less challenging is the Giant Slalom that is suitable for skiing experts only.

The resort offers ski rentals located near the lift stations and ski pistes. Highly qualified and experienced ski instructors are available to help the beginning and intermediate snowboarders and skiers develop the necessary skills. They are fluent in many languages. Tourists can take advantage of the tours with snowmobiles available.

Night life:

Tourists have the chance to not only enjoy the daily winter sports but also to take part in the Pamporovo’s night life. There are a lot of bars, pubs and discos that create unique night atmosphere in the mountain resort. The place is perfect for both, people who would like to get away from the busy and stressful lifestyle in the quit mountain region and spend active holiday there and for those, who prefer to stay active during the night as well. English is widely spoken, along with other popular languages.

The resort guests will be able to taste most of the popular local drinks along with imported beers, wines and other alcohols at the most reasonable prices. There are clubs that provide half-priced drinks, along with DJs that can make all parties special. The music offered is on request along with the famous dance hits. All clubs and discos in Pamporovo have no entrance fee.

From all available night life places, those mentioned below provoke the greatest interest: BJ’s, located in the hotel Perelik’s lobby; Night Flight, located in hotel Rojen, being the largest disco in Pamporovo; Dak’s Bar located in hotel Snejanka; and the White Hart, which is considered to be the hottest spot with unique style.

The lovers of extreme sports will be delighted to know that night lighting is provided on Snejanka 2 slope from a total of 28 searchlights.

Attractions: The location of Pamporovo offers wonderful opportunities to take short excursions to some of the greatest historic sites in Bulgaria, located not too far away from the resort.

The resort is located at the very foot of the beautiful Snejanka Peak that is 1926 m above the sea level. The peak is in the list of the 100 most popular national tourist attractions. A TV tower is built there with a breath-taking panorama.

Stoykite village is located in just 7 km from the resort at the altitude of 1400 m. This place has a long history, being mentioned in a written document of 1706 by Frenchman called Paul Lucas.

The village of Shiroka Laka is located in 11 km from Pamporovo and about 20 km from Smolyan and Devin. The altitude here is 1060 m and Shiroka Laka is located on the both coasts of the river named after the village.

Village of Gela is located near Smolyan and in 6 km from Shiroka Laka. It is situated in the heart of Rhodopi Mountain and is worth to be visited by anyone interested by the ancient legend of Orpheus. According to the legend, this is the birthplace of Orpheus. It is believed that he went down in the nearby Devils Throat cave to search for Euridice. National Bagpipe Festival is held every summer in Gela village.

A day-trip to ancient Plovdiv is also available, where the tourists can visit the Old Town, climb on some of the seven hills, see ancient Rome amphitheater and other amazing attractions. Bachkovo Monastery is another place to visit for people, who would like to learn more about the local history, culture and religion.

Medical care:

The resort offers round-the-clock emergency ski patrol, ambulance and first aid services. The nearest fully equipped pharmacies and clinics are located in Chepelare resort and Smolyan. The insurance company should be informed in any case of injury and after following their instructions to cover the medical expenses.

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