hot news: avalanche in bansko

MRS Bansko warn for a large avalanche danger at Todorka

MRS Bansko warn skiers that Todorka has a large avalanche danger. Rescuers are adamant that the weather conditions are unsuitable for skiing or hiking. Last heavy snowfalls formed additional snow in the higher parts of the resort, it reaches 150 cm. The lower is about 1 meter. Rescuers warn tourists to be especially careful not to take unnecessary risks, in order not to repeat the tragedy of yesterday,...

80 centimeters snow rained down in pirin mountain and surprise skiers in bansko

80 centimeters snow rained down in Pirin Mountain and surprise skiers in Bansko

Weather pleased fans of winter sports and weekend city under Todorka swarming with tourists. "The fresh snow opened a lot of work because of the heavy snow on the trees and in some places had fallen branches. But our workers passed through the entire line and cleaned. Yesterday at 11:00 opened the cabin lift" said Ivan Obreikov who is marketing director of the ski area. He refuted the emerging information...

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