bansko: 10 fis rules of the slopes
February is the time of the year where many people decide to visit Bansko to practise their favourite sport. Because of this at the moment there are large queues at the Ski Lift and the pistes are crowded. Many people are becoming uneasy with the situation and forget the most important rules of every skier and snowboarder so let’s remind ourselves of the 10 FIS rules.
Тhe FIS 10 Rules for The FIS Rules must be considered an ideal pattern of conduct for a responsible and careful skier or snowboarder and their purpose is to avoid accidents on the piste. It is important that everyone on the mountain observe and follow these rules including children.


1. Consideration towards other Skiers and snowboarders
• Every skier and snowboarder must conduct themselves in a manner that neither endangers no injures others.
2. Control of speed an skiing style
• Every skier and snowboarder must ride in a manner appropriate to visivility conditions. He/she must adjust their speed and their riding style to their abilities and the condition of snow
– weather
– evironment
– as well as to how busy the slopes are.
3. Choice of track
• A skier or snowboarder approaching from behind must select their track so as to not endanger those skiers or snowboarders in front of them.
4. Passing
• Passing may take place from above or below
– from the right or left
– but only at a distance which allows the skier or snowboarder you are passing enough room to complete all of their motions unhindered.
5. Entering
skiing uphill
• Every skier and snowboarder who enters a piste
r- eenters after stopping
– or wants to head back up the slope must check above and below to make sure that they are able to do so without endangering themselves or others.
6. Stopping
• Unless absolutely necessary
– a skier or snowboarder must avoid stopping on the slope at bottlenecks or where visibility is restricted. If a skier or snowboarder has fallen
– he/she must leave such a place as quickly as possible.
7. Ascent and descent
• A skier or snowboarder
– who either is ascending or descending on foot
– must keep to the edge of the slope.
8. Pay attention to signs
• Every skier and snowboarder must pay attention to markings and signals.
9. Obligation to render asistance
• In the event of accidents
– every skier and snowboarder is obligated to render assistance.
10. Identification requirement
• Every skier and snowboarder
– whether a witness or involved in the incident
– wether responsible or not
– must present personal identification in the case of an accident.
 FIS rules for good behaviour of skiers and snowboarders on the pistes apply to all skiers and snowboarders. It is essential that you know them and comply with them. In case of any accident every skier or snowboarder carries a civil and criminal liability.

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