Bansko’s mayor Georgi Ikonomov cancelled the state of distress in the city

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Bansko’s mayor Georgi Ikonomov issued an order to cancel yesterday’s state of distress in the city. The state of distress has been announced due to the large amount of rain in the last 24 hours that led to a raise in the levels of the Glazne, Banderishka and Damyanitsa rivers, and caused material damages to several restaurants on the territory of Bansko’s ski area, as well as the destruction of two wooden bridges over the Glazne river.

“I am grateful to all the institutions that provided help during the state of distress – the regional and state Departments of Firefighting and Civil Protection, the police, the employees of Pirin National Park, the Mountain Protection bureau, and Ulen ltd.” The water was rising very fast yesterday, and the continuous rain created a real danger of the rivers overflowing in the city. But thanks to the timely reaction of the different departments and the use of all available equipment, the situation remained under control.


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