Bulgaria intend to sue Ulen for unpaid amounts for Ski concession

bulgaria intend to sue ulen for unpaid amounts for ski concession

Ministry of Environment and Water (MEW) plan legal actions for nearly 100,000 levs against the concessionaire of the Ski zone in Bansko resort – “Ulen” was mentioned by members of the interdepartmental working group which seek a solution to the disorder with the signed in 2001 contract for using parts of the National Park “Pirin” for the needs of the Ski area.

MEW’s claim for missing payment over the years of 5 percent of the annual concession fee at the then National Fund for Environmental Protection to the Environment Ministry, which was transformed into the current enterprise management activities to protect the environment (Environmental Protection Fund).

Said remuneration is provided for in the concession contract. According to the ministry, since 2005 for the use of protected areas in Pirin concessionaire is paid to the State.

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