Bulgarian visas: facilitation agreements for citizens of Russia and Ukraine

bulgarian visas: facilitation agreements for citizens of russia and ukraine

Relief for….

At the end of last week became clear that Bulgaria introduces visa facilitation for Russians and Ukrainians. For this purpose, citizens of both countries who have traveled to the country in previous years, will be able to receive double or multiple tourist visas. These documents will be valid for a period of one year in order to be organized tourism. Provides relief and for the property owners. Those who have so far received Bulgarian visas can apply for such a three-year period of validity.

Those Russians and Ukrainians who belong to owners of property, but have not come into the country, will be eligible for double or multiple visa for a private visit, which will be valid for one year. From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said also that provides travel facilities for children and students who come to the tourist, cultural and sports camps and events in the country. They will be able to obtain multiple-entry visas for a period of five years, says the message.

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