Earn Higher Rentals Through Our Transparent Holiday Rental Service

earn higher rentals through our transparent holiday rental service

Nothing can be more frustrating than to learn that your property management company has leased your property without even informing you in advance. Being forced to lease valuable property simply because the management company accepts paltry rentals is another common problem that property owners face. With skiapartmentsbulgaria.com, you can say take charge of the management of your property without any hassles or complications.

Its functional and transparent online system allows you to keep track of all property-related transactions including details of the tenant, the duration of the lease, and the rent payable for your property without any difficulties.

In the past, homeowners had no option but hope that the holiday rental service provider would provide details of all bookings and rentals in an honest and transparent manner. Property owners were often frustrated to receive just a few hundred Euros despite having rented the property throughout the holiday season.

Service providers often misused unrestricted control over the property. Further, they would often report occupancy and provide details of rental income earned after a gap of many months. Say goodbye to this opaque setup and opt for free registration to enjoy a professional, transparent, and honest holiday rental service.

Ski Apartments Bulgaria has finalized rental deals of properties for more than 1 200 nights in the previous year. It is now preparing for the launch of skiapartmentsbulgaria.com, which has been designed specifically to offer a simple and transparent holiday rental service for property owners and holiday-goers alike. We are currently focusing our marketing and logistics resources to cater to clients in the Bansko market.

If you own a fully-furnished ski property in the region and wish to have more control over the way your property is let out, then just contact us for an open and transparent experience that will help you generate better returns on your property.

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