Hoteliers in Bansko start frenetic renovations in the resort

hoteliers in bansko start frenetic renovations in the resort

Hoteliers in Bansko are getting ready for the upcoming winter season and have started renovations. Some of the hotel complexes will offer new attractions and services for tourists.

From November 01 until November 30 most hotels will be open, and with the official start of the new winter season every one of the holiday complexes in town will accept visitors. Starting this season , some of them will have new modern outdoor pools and spa centers. This winter Bansko will offer its visitors an ice-skating ring, a professional tennis court, a football and a basketball field.

New employees will be needed for the upcoming winter season, as those speaking English, Russian, Greek, or Romanian will have an advantage.

Between 4000 and 5000 people will be employed during the winter season in the tourist industry in the municipalities of Bansko and Razlog.


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