In Bansko was held the traditional meeting with the British Embassy, police and tourism industry

in bansko was held the traditional meeting with the british embassy, police and tourism industry

Deputy Mayor of Bansko Alexander Matsurev hosted the annual meeting with representatives of the British Consulate in Bulgaria, police and tour operators. This was announced by the press center of Bansko municipality. The meeting was maintaining a good dialogue and cooperation between institutions to improve security and tranquility of British citizens when visiting the resort. Vice Council of the British Embassy, Ms. Teodora Maneva announced that this year they have started a special information campaign “Stay safe on the slopes” for British citizens, which aims to inform about the dangers they may encounter during their winter vacation in Bulgarian resorts.

During the conversation the deputy Mayor Matsurev announced that according to data received by the payment of tourist tax, last year 12,000 British citizens have visited Bansko, which is the occasion to make an appeal for more close cooperation between local government, embassy and business placement “of light”of accommodation, which are realized in “Uncategorized sites” – private apartments and other homes that are rented out by British citizens. He added that the municipality will continue to invest in the rehabilitation of major roads in the town, including the planned construction of the orbital arc between the streets “Nayden Gerov” and “Javor” in direction to town of Dobrinishte.

Implementing projects for the replacement of water supply and sewerage network in the town will be suspended for the winter season. All excavated streets are paved, while simultaneously renewed the pavements and curbs. It is expected that implementation of the project for public transport that connects the town with mountain for which will be purchased environmentally friendly electric buses. Local Tourist Union by its representative Mr. Malin Bistrin, also supported the appeal for a stricter enforcement of the rules. In his words, unfair and not complying with standards uncategorized sites created on one hand unfair competition and on other non-taxable persons. All representatives had reiterated that this year the ski slopes of Todorka are more accessible place for sports with the new faster gondola lift in Shiligarnika and additionally installed snow cannons.

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