Marengo Trading: We applied the highest eco-standards in Bansko Ski Zone

marengo trading: we applied the highest eco-standards in bansko ski zone

Marengo Trading said in the modernization of the oldest lift in Bansko Ski Zone were applied the highest environmental standards.

Shiligarnika-Todorka lift was built in 1984 for the Youth Winter Universiade and to date has been the oldest operating facility in Bansko Ski Zone. Modernization was not only technically unavoidable, but much needed by visitors of the ski area. The upgraded lift passes along the same route, but with significant improvements in capacity and speed. So far the distance of 2350 meters is passed over 20 minutes with the three-chair lift. The new six-chair lift with a capacity of 2400 people will reach a Todorka peak for only six minutes. It will serve the slopes Balkaniada, Tomba, the five and the ten. The improvements will significantly enhance services offered in the Bansko Ski Zone.

From Marengo Trading comment also in order to maximize environmental protection complying with the most stringent environmental standards, such as the placement of the pillars was carried out by three helicopters, specially hired for this purpose from Switzerland. In order to meet safety requirements under the updated Directive of the European Commission for this type of equipment provides for the abolition of about 80 trees.

Upgraded lift will be in operation before the start of the upcoming winter season.

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