Minister Angelkova: Bansko is the leader in number of foreign tourists

bansko on two international tourist exhibitions in two days

This winter 80,000 more tourists visited the country compared with the previous period. Data was presented by Tourism Minister – Nikolina Angelkova. Minister Angelkova emphasized that absolute values can expect in April, when will come the final results for the winter season.  According to her, due to the favorable weather conditions in the mountain resorts this year the season will extend until 15 April.

Addressing the issue with outflow of Russian tourists, Nikolina Angelkova pointed out that the topic is dramatized unnecessarily. “The decline of Russian tourists is minimal. Furthermore, we have long compensated them, speaking of winter tourism. The decline of Russian tourists is around 15 000 people” she said

“If we do not unite efforts and focus on – mostly positive speaking and promotion of our country. If we do own public relations blunder, no one will visit us” explained Angelkova.

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