Nikolina Angelkova: Bansko must have a second ski lift

nikolina angelkova: bansko must have a second ski lift

The summer season will be very tough, we are looking tourists from the EU and the Scandinavian countries to offset the outflow of Russians and Ukrainians, said Tourism Minister.

Bansko must have a second ski lift if it depends to The Ministry of Tourism. But this will happen only in compliance with all laws. No one speaks to build indiscriminately, not respect the laws, not to comply with the requirements relating to the protection of nature and of all environmental legislation.

Lifts are the greenest transport recorded in the White Book of tourism, and the openings are useful for fighting forest fires. The Ministry of Tourism is preparing a new advertising campaign of Bulgaria, which will be soon presented. Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova announced that prepares a new strategy for winter tourism with his adviser Marc Girardelli.

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