Over 5 million Russians have prohibition to rest in Bulgaria

over 5 million russians have prohibition to rest in bulgaria

Workers in the power structures of the Russian Federation are prohibited to holiday in Bulgaria. This practically means that more than 5 million. Families from solid middle class, Bulgaria remains out plans for tourism. Russian Federation has prohibited also visit the subsidized children, seniors and veterans in Bulgaria. Data export by parliament member from BSP – Petar Kanev.

The base is owned by the authorities in Moscow and there goes mainly children and pensioners. Their camps are borne entirely by the state. Prohibition of subsidized visits means that there will be no reservations for this season.

“These measures are not only against us. They apply to all countries imposed sanctions on Russia, but the name of Bulgaria is explicitly mentioned” said Kanev. According to him, the most affected by sanctions imposed counterclaims are people on the southern coast of Black Sea, because traditionally here are resting most Russian tourists.

Kanev predicts massive outflow of tourists from Russia and is adamant that the main reason lies specifically in the position of Bulgaria regarding penalties, not the collapse of the ruble. According to Petar Kanev, Bulgaria can apply for any compensation from Brussels because of a failure of the season, but is not convinced that they will be adequate.

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