Pirin has become the world’s fourth most beautiful natural park


The international publishing house Condé Nast placed Pirin national park at the fourth place in its rating of the world’s most beautiful parks “one must see in their lifetime”.

The top five includes the Pembrokeshire park in Wales at number 2, the Italian Gran Paradiso at number 3, and Mount Olympus in Greece at number 5.

For Pirin the publishing house says on its site that the area is remarkable for the hundreds of plants, including such that have lived on the park’s rocky slopes since the Pleistocene (between 1.8 million to 11 500 years ago). Pirin is famous for its more than 70 glacial lakes but it’s also the place where one can see huge diversity of wild animals, such as wolves, bears, owls, woodpeckers, as the Condé Nast site states.

Source: balkanite.net

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