Rise of property prices in Bansko (Bulgaria) in 2018

Ръст на цените на имоти в Банско през 2018 година

“Sales in Bansko in 2018 rise by over 25%” – commented the market trends Georgi Penev Managing co-owner in Excel Property.

The summer months of 2018 were extremely active for Bansko with a distinct rise of sales of vacation homes acquired by buyers of diverse nationalities – Israeli, British, Russian, Romanian, Macedonian, and other.

In the last quarter the medium prices of sold properties in Bansko rise by a little over 3.1% per quarter. This is the second quarter in a row that prices in the resort are rising, thus enhancing the reversal of the tendency and the fact that the real estate market in our biggest ski resort is entering a renaissance phase. The rise of property prices in Bansko for the last nine months amounts to 6.5% annually.

The medium price of sold apartments in Bansko in the third quarter of 2018 is 420 euro per square meter, and the total medium sale price is 30 000 euro. Deals are now also signed at levels of 460 – 480 euro per square meter, nut those are singular cases. We have to mention the fact that there are also new constructions in Bansko, both commercial buildings and small apartment buildings. During the last 10 years the Bansko property market lacked new constructions.

We can now say for sure that the real estate market in Bansko is on a rising path, as prices are higher for the second year in a row, and there is more and more interest in buying a vacation home in Bansko. With the start of the winter season buyers are becoming more active and the expectations are of a strong last quarter of 2018 and an even stronger beginning of 2019.

At the moment the real estate market in Bansko is extremely active. This tendency can be noticed for the third year in a row. The summer season does not stand shy of the winter months. The hotel occupancy in Bansko was extremely high. An interesting positive trait of the vacation home market in Bansko in general is the fact that a variety of buyers from different countries is present, with the highest percentage of Bulgarians, which predicts good perspectives for the development in the ski resort. More and more Bulgarians consider buying a vacation home in Bansko. The owners of real estate properties have the possibility to use the apartment both in summer and in winter, as well as to rent it and therefore to have some additional gains.

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