Snow cannons in Bansko started work, the season to be open on Dec 17

snow cannons in bansko started work, the season to be open on dec 17


Since last night the snow cannons started working in Bansko, producing artificial snow to cover the ski slopes in the resort, announced Ivan Obreykov, marketing director of the ski area. Last week’s torrential rains caused serious damage to the infrastructure and the ski slopes. People are still working hard to eliminate the damage especially in the area between the ski road from Bandarishka poliana to Bansko. This year the official opening of the ski season in Bansko is scheduled for December 17th, and the guest of honor will be Fritz Strobl, an Olympic champion in the downhill at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

The preparation for the new ski season is continuing at full speed, and at the moment around 400 snow cannons are set on automatic mode to start producing snow when the temperatures drop under 0 degrees Celsius. If everything goes smoothly and the weather conditions are appropriate, we aim at receiving our first winter sports fans with ready ski slopes and working ski lift as early as the beginning of December before the Students’ holiday, announced Obreykov. For the upcoming ski season the prices of the ski lift passes in the resort will remain unchanged, except for the seasonal pass which will be reduced from 1500 to 1200 lev.


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