Special Report from 2006: Bansko can pull clients of French Ski resorts

bansko on two international tourist exhibitions in two days

Report of French deputy shows that countries with a strong winter tourism from Western Europe have interest in retrogress of Bansko. Author of the document is Vincent Roland, who in 2006 sent him to then Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin. At this time in Bansko was built Ski area, but its name has become a brand for quality. Roland, who is now deputy mayor of the Alpine city and capital of the 16th Winter Olympics in 1992 – Albertville, warns that ski resorts in Bulgaria are becoming a threat to the French Ski resorts regarding the contingent of foreign tourists.

The document is called “Advantages of winter resorts; Redistribution of markets in terms of international competition.” There is a whole chapter for Bulgaria which is one of the 7 countries that are considered competitors of France. The others are Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Slovakia, Austria and Andorra.

In the end of the documents Roland says reassuringly that despite of the enormous potential of Bulgaria, may soon be expected development of the Bulgarian tourist market to be limited under the pressure of increasingly stringent regulations related to environmental protection.

Today, almost 10 years later, the only thing we can say regretfully is that the Frenchman had been right.

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