The second Ski lift in Bansko will stir the property market

the second ski lift in bansko will stir the property market

In recent years, Bansko has developed into a tourist destination, but outside this sector is almost nothing left. So, today the city and the region are great extent dependent on it. “Unlike many other Bulgarian resorts, which are positioned in the lower price segment, the tourism product in Bansko is a mid to high segment,” reported from Industry Watch. That’s partly true, but the picture on the site shows some deviations because of the disproportionate supply of hotel beds to the possibilities of the ski area.

The construction of the town since 2002, hotels and apart-hotels has its negative, but its positive aspects. Availability of many beds and hard occupancy pushing prices down. Managers of hotels in the region complain that tour operators try to negotiate prices nights of 8 euros per bed and breakfast. Low price levels of the hotel may be advantageous for tourists, but suppress the family business of local people in Bansko. They are positioned in the lower segment – from guest rooms to three-star hotels, as well as owners of traditional restaurants . In fact, “traditional business” for local people in Bansko is very conditional concept because of the construction boom years, they were associated with the sale of plots for construction.

Building boom left a number of unfinished buildings, at least one new residential complex infrastructure and many unresolved questions. In recent years real estate market is languid. If the strongest year price levels of the property reaches € 1,200 per square meter can now see offers for € 250. Real transactions are carried out at around 350 euros per square meter, as 400-500 euros values only the best positions in well-maintained buildings and relative proximity to the lower lift station.
Second Ski lift in Bansko will stir the property market, which suffered first in 2008-2009 from the crisis in Europe and in particular in the UK and this year the problems in Russia. Low prices have started to return to British buyers, since the properties are now more affordable at levels of € 30,000 – € 35,000, but not from pre-crisis levels.

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