7th place for Bansko in British Telegraph’s world cheapest places to retire

7th place for bansko in british telegraph’s world cheapest places to retire

According to British Telegraph, Bulgaria and particularly Bansko is in the 7th position in the World cheapest places to retire. The first place is for Languedoc, France after it is Sicily and the last place is for Turkey which seems to be not so cheap.

Retirement may be the ideal time to relocate for some people. You may be looking for a change of scenery, better weather conditions, a way to save on living expenses and taxes, calm and ordinary way of life after years of hard working or just chance to explore new interests.

Before you decide to pack up and move to your desired destination, first check with your partner. Many make the mistake of assuming their significant other shares the same goals for retirement. Yet couples often find they have different priorities. Always discuss with your couple what each would like before one of you gets invested in a particular destination. This is the best way to avoid disappointment.

Check out your finances. Research each possible retirement destination to ensure it can support your lifestyle. Make sure it is a lifestyle you can afford. Lot of places can offer a wide range of activities, but they can also be expensive if you are planning to live there year round. Check property prices, food costs, state and local tax rates and everything connects with your normal life.

Distance. Think about proximity to family and friends. Moving to another country can be an adventure, but it also put a lot of space between you and your loved ones. With distance, some family members may not be able or willing to visit much. You may find you’re traveling more to see your family than you anticipated. That’s an added cost you will want to consider.

One of the greatest benefits of retirement is having time to do the things you enjoy most. Finding the right place to live is an important part of the equation. Considering all of your alternatives, you can ensure that your retirement is everything you want it to be.

Explore Bansko. See if your vision is in compliance with life in the small picturesque town. Bansko is located only 160 km from the Bulgarian capital – Sofia, and 50 km to the border with Greece. The resort is situated at the foot beautiful Pirin Mountain. The magnificent mountain slopes that rise just over the town along the woods provide not only multiple opportunities to explore the region but also to have a completely recreational and memorable time spent.

Bansko is a perfect destination for sport lovers. In the winter local and foreign mountaineers, snowboarders and skiers come to enjoy the facilities available for skiing, climbing, snowboarding and hiking. In the late spring and summer is the best time for rafting or trip in the mountains with a bike. There are many other things to do during the summer, such as organizing picnics, hunting and fishing in the nearby rivers and lakes. The region is famous for it’s Spa Centers and natural spring hot waters from a great mineral depth.

There is an attractive range of reasonably priced properties on offer in the famous ski resort. Definitely Bansko is the leader in low prices. At the moment it is the cheapest holiday market in Bulgaria and throughout Europe. Fully furnished one-bedroom apartment suitable for a couple can be found at price up 20,000 Euro.

Cost of living in Bansko attracts more and more people to relocate in the pretty medieval town and find a new life abroad. In fact and increasingly strong mass of people prefer Bansko as destination after their retirement mainly for the healthy climate, year round appeal, friendly and welcoming locals and highly affordable, great quality of life.

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