Many foreign tourists prefer staying in old houses in Bansko

mayor of bansko took part in discussion with minister angelkova

Foreign tourists in Bansko no longer hold to stay only in the most luxurious hotels in the town. More and more visitors take advantage of the opportunity to stay in the typical Bansko houses  where they found cozy atmosphere and taste of local meals. Attractive for foreigners experience is offered by local hoteliers. The idea is tourists to explore the houses in Bansko inside and come into contact with the townspeople.

Some of the homes where tourists can stay are built since 200 years, which makes them pretty interesting. Tourists remain satisfied because during the visit they have the opportunity to taste the unforgettable specialties such as banski kachamak, banski starets, kapama, and many others prepared personally by the host of the home. For its part local people are also delighted with the idea and the interest from foreigners.

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