Bansko Area News: The city of Razlog will soon have a mega sports complex

bansko area news: the city of razlog will soon have a mega sports complex

Two years after the signing of the concession agreement for the construction of a sports complex in the Bulgarian municipality of Razlog, the construction of the mega-arena will start soon. On the 22nd of March the ceremony of the official start of the construction of “Sports complex” by the concessionary company will be held.

The impressive facility will be located on an area of ​​nearly 103 decares. In the sports complex football stadium with dimensions of 68 to 105 meters with capacity of 2000 seats will be built and all UEFA requirements will be met. In the complex there will be four more open soccer playgrounds of the same size, two of them with outdoor stands with a capacity of about 2300 seats, including changing rooms. There will be small car parks for all four football grounds. Four tennis courts, two for basketball and two for volleyball, and a multifunctional sports hall with a capacity of 1500 seats also will be part of the sports complex. Outdoor parking for 450 cars and 10 buses is also planned.


The concession is for 35 years and the investment, which the concessionaire has to make, amounts to 24 million leva (12 million euros). The construction of the mega sports complex in Razlog municipality should be completed within five years. It is of great importance for the development of sport and tourism infrastructure of the region and of the country.

Source: Razlog Municipality

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