Georgi Ikonomov: The main problem standing in front of Bansko is water supply


The main problem standing in front of Bansko is water supply said the present mayor of Bansko – Georgi Ikonomov. He explained that the water supply network in the city is outdated and can no longer serve the needs of the city during the tourist season. Water supply in Bansko should be done so that in the next 50 years to be no problem claimed George Ikonomov.

“Bansko during the tourist season becomes threefold higher and the capacity of the water distribution network is not sufficient. Often during the cold months settlements in the region remain without water. Therefore, my main concern is the water supply of the municipality to be fixed” said Ikonomov. He explained that the water cycle and the excavated streets are a temporary problem. According to him, most of the projects will be completed in late October. “Sometimes people do not think about the real issues. These are unfinished buildings which are dozens, and increasingly garbage which surround us as a modern society” said the present Mayor.

“The new development plan predicts a “third center” of the city with many parks, with plenty of parking spaces, with many sports and entertainment. This is a very large and ambitious project that will completely change the appearance of Bansko. We need to build a second cabin lift in Bansko, as well as to expand the ski area in the region. All the efforts that depend on the municipality were made. Bansko will not have the opportunity to develop as a tourist center if there is no will to expand the ski area” stated Ikonomov.

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