Mayor of Bansko took part in discussion with Minister Angelkova

mayor of bansko took part in discussion with minister angelkova

The mayor of Bansko, Georgi Ikonomov took part in the meeting – discussion about the development of tourism in Blagoevgrad and the region, organized by Minister Angelkova and municipality Mayor of Blagoevgrad – Dr. Atanas Kambitov. The main topic discussed at the meeting was the preparation of the tourism brand “Bulgaria”. Discussed were the target markets on which to focus advertising on as the Minister Angelkova outlined the priority presentation of cultural and historical sights.

“We have three main issues that need to focus our efforts to improve the Bulgarian tourist product – these are our infrastructure, creating a more flexible and adequate legal framework and the accurate positioning of the advertising target groups with priority to our neighbors. Bansko is the symbol of winter tourism in Bulgaria. Our country is recognizable by the name of our resort and it is necessary to keep gained position in the international tourism market. Everyone expect active measures by the government to improve the tourism infrastructure of the resort with the construction of the second gondola lift, but as every year with the end of the winter season, the theme is blurred. Until the new season comes, when we risk again helplessly to observe the accumulation of queues and frustrated tourists. We have to think about legal restrictions on the construction of new apartment complexes, which experience shows that they are not the right formula for a provision of tourist services” said Georgi Ikonomov during the meeting, adding that the supply of products and homemade jams in the restaurants should not be restricted by law.

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