Half a million tourists have visited Bansko Ski area in the last winter

bansko news: water supply company informs its subscribers that between 16.04.2018 – 01.06.2018 cleaning and disinfection of the tanks will be carried out on the water supply network

Half a million tourists have visited Bansko Ski area in the last winter season. The statics were made by the authors of the project “Development of the National Park Pirin” 2014-2023.

24.38 % of tourists were English, and almost the same were Bulgarian visitors. With approximately 18 % are the Greeks and Russians follow Romanians, Turks and Serbs with almost equal contribution from 3 to 5%.

In the summer of 2014 the National Park “Pirin” was visited by about 100 000 people. The public discussion of the project “Development Plan of the National Park Pirin” started today /Monday/. 367-th page document guarantees the development of the entire region by keeping nature. If the plan is accepted, which should be done with the approval of the Council of Ministers, Bansko will be hoping to get a green light for the construction of a second gondola. The environmentalists insights a threat of increased territories for the construction of various objects. In an open letter to the media authors of the project declare information that has been announced by environmentalists did not correspond to the truth.

The existing tourism potential of the National Park “Pirin” is great, but it needs optimizing, experts say. Experts also said that the rapid development of the region is concentrated mainly in Bansko and Razlog, which are directly related to winter sports. The most popular form of visiting the park is hiking registered for over 70% of all visitors year-round basis.

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