Hoteliers in Bansko will not raise prices for the Jazz Festival 2015

hoteliers in bansko will not raise prices for the jazz festival 2015

Hoteliers in the resort of Bansko will not raise prices of accommodation for the latest jazz festival, which begins on 8-th of August. The trend towards falling tariffs continues this month. “For the festival there will be a lot of guests, but no one thinks to increase the cost of services. On the contrary, we are reducing them. In the small family hotels night stay is only 15 levs; in three-star hotels night stay and breakfast cost no more than 30 levs, and in the four-star hotels is between 40 and 50 levs, the price depends on the optional extras” said from the tourist association in Bansko.

Every year the resort guests want more extras. It is no longer enough to offer them a bed, bar and restaurant. Particularly active in providing attractions are hoteliers in the summer, when you can’t skiing in the Pirin Mountains. “Most foreigners and Bulgarians want entertainment every day of their stay in Bansko. This is their right and our job is to do it “says Yana Rahova, owner of a hotel in Bansko.

Very popular are mineral springs near Bansko. Nearby are located villages: Dobrinishte, Banya and Ognyanovo, which are very rich of mineral springs. “This therapy is very useful for those of our guests who have any complaints because mineral water relieves their pain. So tourists combine vacation and recreation with treatment” revealed hoteliers. Horseback riding, fishing and visiting the bear park over Belica, are also preferred by Bulgarian and foreign tourists.

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