Hot News: Brussels Supports Bansko For a Second Ski Lift

hot news: brussels supports bansko for a second ski lift
As the question for a second ski lift in Bansko is being thrown from one side to the other, making it a matter of national interest, and without any involvement whatsoever on behalf of the Bulgarian state, much to the joy of “green” NGOs, Brussels indirectly supports the development of our ski resort’s infrastructure. This happened in the building of the European Parliament, where the Number 1 ski resort of Bulgaria for the forth time in a row was officially declared a European Town of Sports for 2017. The prestigious award was granted after a long procedure for evaluation of the advantages of each of the nominated locations in Europe.

Bansko is a good example for sports for everyone. We checked that all facilities in the resort are of the highest world quality, and have been built respecting the environment. This fact, together with the sports spirit of the local people are part of the reasons for Bansko to attract so many tourists all year round from different countries and regions. The level of the facilities in Bansko can be the measurement for development in the tourist sector“, declared Gian-Francesco Lupatelli (third one on the photo from left to right), president of the Sports Association of European Capitals and Cities (ACES Europe), during the award ceremony. The organization led by him is a non-governmental organization based in Brussels, and every year since 2001 it declares a European capital, city, or town as the City of Sports. The choice is made based on the principles of responsibility and ethics, presuming that the sports is a factor which influences the development of society and the enhancement of lifestyle. An inseparable part of this are the ski lifts, which are the most ecological transport available. “Bansko has impressed us with being a small town which has already hosted 10 starts of 5 world cups in ski disciplines. Together with this, the local administration has kept following a politics of supporting the development of sports”, stated Hugo Alonso, general secretary of ACES.


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