Minister Ivelina Vasileva said: The law allows a second Gondola lift in Bansko

students support requests of the mayor of bansko for second ski lift

There is no legal obstacle for the construction of a second gondola lift in Bansko. It comes clear from the words of the Minister of Environment and Water Ivelina Vasileva on Thursday, 12th of February. Asked by journalists how to interpret the opinion of the concessionaire of the Bansko Ski area that can develop infrastructure in the National Park, the Minister confirmed what was said by “Ulen”, namely, that art. 21 of the Protected Areas Act says “prohibits the construction, in addition to the tourist lodges and chalets, sports, and other facilities.”

“This article does not just exist, but there is settled case regarding the interpretation and it is one-way. Yes, authorized to be built in the National Park, when it comes to facilities serving visitors, which includes construction of a second lift and slopes. This is confirmed in the decisions of dozens of lawsuits. Parliament writes the law, the court interpreted and executive ensuring that they are respected. If someone wants to stop this construction, the road is through legislative change,” said Minister Vasileva.
She also said: “Yes, the State has the will to resolve the case “Bansko “. There years fester problems that cause tension among different communities – local people sporting circles, NGO’s. What I always repeating, is that you have to follow the procedures require1d by our legislation. Each investment proposal will be subject to relevant EIA procedures and compatibility with “Natura”. We are law-abiding, to find a balanced solution. It was therefore formed a working group should be ready with an opinion until 15 February. “

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