The government facilitates the construction of ski lifts and facilities

the government facilitates the construction of ski lifts and facilities

Ministry of Tourism is preparing new legislative changes with which to make it easier construction of ski lifts and ski facilities. Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova announced the news at a press conference after meeting with representatives of the ski resorts, the concessionaires of the lifts and local authorities. The Minister stated there will be changes to the Tourism Act and related problem laws for planning, ownership and use of agricultural land and forests. It is expected changes to be done within a month.

Among other problematic areas industry have indicated the road infrastructure, for which the Minister assured that this is one of the main priorities of the government.

Construction of lifts and slopes is the focus of public attention for several years – because of concerns of public and environmental organizations that expansion of ski resorts is without taking into account the natural features and in violation of various provisions.

Some reach even further – say that winter resorts do not make benefit of sustainable development, but for “laundering” money. The answer most often is that “green” activists are paid by other countries that are competitors of Bulgaria in the field of winter tourism.

Among famous unconstructed lifts is the second cabin in Bansko, which was desired by all governments in the last few years.

The Minister announced that this winter season has been successful with a growth of 8.2%, according to national statistics, 1.2 million tourists and revenues for the period from December to March from 640 million levs, which is over 6 % increase compared to last winter season.

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