The ski zone in Bansko contributes into the exchequer 20 millions annually

the ski zone in bansko contributes into the exchequer 20 millions annually

Modern building and the good conditions in the ski zone of Bansko attract thousands of tourists. Construction of a second cabin is not goal in itself for us, confessed Peter Petrov, a member of the Board of Directors at ‘Julienne’ SA, concessionaire of the ski area in the city.

“This is an additional investment of 15 to 20 million Euros. Everything is done for the sake of tourists visiting the region. Second gondola would facilitate much access of tourists to the mountain. From this perspective, they will not wait in long queues to start station as in recent years. We will stop the flow of cars to the national park. The effect will be doubled. We’ll achieve better service to our customers, and will improve the environment” said Petrov.

“Worldwide, the lifts are the most environment-friendly transportation. We are consulting with all the leading companies for the production of lifts. According to them building a second gondola is the only and optimal to meet the required capacity and no more queues” added Petrov.

According to his words projected the second gondola because of environmentalists who took up protests in recent days, falls entirely within the area of the concession. “To be able to bring investment proposal is necessary to have a legal possibility such a lift to be built. At present, however, management of National Park Pirin not allow this to happen”.

The ski zone in Bansko contributes into the exchequer 20 million annually. This calculated yet Petar Petrov. “Realistically, we offer one of the best tourism products in the country and Bansko has become a benchmark for winter tourism in the world”.



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