High speed killed the Romanian skier in Bansko

bansko news: water supply company informs its subscribers that between 16.04.2018 – 01.06.2018 cleaning and disinfection of the tanks will be carried out on the water supply network

“Romanian skier who found his death on the ski slopes in Bansko was driving very fast and probably had no experience. Driving too fast and losing control are the main causes of both incidents on the ski slopes in Bansko” commented Radko Markov, director of the MRS at the BRC.

According to him it is very important that skiers to assess their capabilities in order not to lead to such incidents. Not to go on very steep slopes, on which is more difficult to control the skis. You need to choose very well your ski run and you should still be very careful and to control the skis, because in skiing there is a lot of emotion, a lot of adrenaline, but there must be control” recommended the director of the MRS at the BRC.


Source: vsekiden.com

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