The tourist industry wants a change in Bansko’s image

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The number of temporary buildings for commercial usage in Bansko must be reduced, declared Malin Bistrin, chairman of the tourist union in the resort.

According to Bistrin, Bansko’s image must not be that of a town where you find pizza slices and kebabs on every street corner, but the restaurants should be aiming to attract tourists of a higher category.

Currently, there are tens of registered temporary commercial buildings because their registration is done relatively easier than that of other types of food-serving sites, such as restaurants, taverns, etc.

The town’s businesses must work towards attracting guests who do not simply remain in their all-inclusive deals and only go for a walk in town to visit the museums or buy souvenirs, said explicitly Bistrin. This is the only way to help the local businesses.

This year Bansko’s guests will be delightfully surprised by the novelty “Unique Bansko”. Fourteen taverns in the resort created an organization that aims at offering their clients authentic Bulgarian national cuisine. All dishes in these taverns are prepared mainly from local produce and following recipes from Bansko which have stood the test of time.


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