Bansko is ready for the 2016/2017 winter season, tourists from all over Europe are expected

superlatives and a clear hint from fis: the next world cup will be here next year

Nikolina Anghelkova, minister of Tourism, and Georgi Ikonomov, mayor of Bansko, met to discuss the upcoming winter season. At the meeting they talked about the readiness of the state institutions and the tourist industry to ensure a smooth winter season.

Mayor Georgi Ikonomov opened the meeting and stated that the municipality is ready for the unproblematic start of the season. He explained that the construction program will finish at the end of this month, and that more that 90-95 per cent of the reconstruction activities regarding the streets in the city are done. Ikonomov underlined that the municipality is about to sign an agreement with the Ministry of Interior to ensure extra police presence, and added that he is unsure about the idea of the police in Blagoevgrad to place traffic checkpoints at the town’s entry points.

Ikonomov also mentioned that due to the fact that there is only one cable-car, the risk for having queues and nervous skiers exists.

Minister Anghelkova commented that the expectations of having a successful winter season are confirmed. She also added that the requests for charter flights at Sofia Airport regarding our winter resorts are increased by 35,5%, and are mainly from Russia, Sweden, Great Britain, Ireland, Israel, Greece, and Romania.

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