The great Marc Girardelli is euphoric about Bansko: “I cannot wait to ski with Fritz Strobl”

the great marc girardelli is euphoric about bansko: “i cannot wait to ski with fritz strobl”

The great Marc Girardelli is also euphoric about the early snowfall in Bansko. As is well known, he is a world embassador of the top resort.
“Great! I am looking forward to skiing with Fritz Strobl in three weeks”, wrote Girardelli.
It is no secret that the famous 44-year old Austrian skier Fritz Strobl, who for almost two decades holds the record for fastest time down the scary “Streif” ski slope, will inaugurate the 14th campaign in our Number 1 resort on December 17. This will make him the 28th legend who ever ran down Bandarishka slope since 2003, and the 15th Olympic champion who took part in the event.
Before him Bansko was honored by the presence of 14 other winners of 26 trophies under the five Olympic rings.

Source: 7dniski

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