Use of plastics ends in Bansko’s ski area

in the last hours of the 14-day isolation, bansko is already facing the big challenges ahead – business, local government and people

Use of plastics ends in Bansko’s ski area

Bansko’s ski area enters history as the first ski area to stop the usage of plastic items for one-time use. This was announced today at a special press-conference by the concessioner of “Ulen” ski area.

The plastic bottles in the bars and restaurants will be replaced by glass, the coffee cups will be paper. The plates will be made of 100% biodegradable. The straws and coffee spoons will be made of bamboo.

“All of these changes are part of the ecological strategy of “Ulen” ltd. Since 2012 we have put in place waste sorting. Now we are firmly decided to participate in the global war on plastics”, commented Radoslav Durchov from “Ulen”. He said that only since the beginning of this year more than 1,3 tons of plastic waste has been collected and sent for recycling from the ski area. “Our purpose is to minimize the usage of this harmful waste, that is why we will stop using it”, Durchov said.

The ski resort already has well designated containers for waste collection. “The usage of glass will increase our expenses, but we are absolutely sure that it is worth it because of the war on plastic”, commented representatives from “Ulen”.

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