Dobrinishte will be full of tourists in the summer

dobrinishte will be full of tourists in the summer

Dobrinishte will be full of tourists even in the height of summer. The resort, which is traditionally highly visited during the winter because of its proximity to the Bansko resort, tempts tourists with mineral springs and beautiful scenery. To meet the increased tourist interest in Dobrinishte, the accommodation facilities were increased in recent years and today the guests of the resort has over 300 beds in over 20 hotels and guest houses.

It is expected in early summer to open a hotel complex with guest houses with a capacity of 400 beds. The attention of tourists will be attracted by unique park, which has to be completed. It is built in an area of the mineral baths in the resort. At its center is a water mirror with a water cascade and a unique mineral water arch built in Roman style.

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