Bansko is so beautiful during the summer! Find out why you should visit Bansko in this season

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Bansko is well known as a world famous Ski Resort with perfect conditions for skiing. Bansko host for the third time the Super G World Ski Cup. We can speak for hours about the resort during the winter and advantages which are offered. But how many are familiar with conditions for summer tourism in Bansko? How many have seen the beautiful nature or take a breath of fresh air in lovely Pirin mountains? With the following photos we suggest you to experience a small part of the atmosphere, the small mountain town offers in the summer.

1. Stunning view from the Garden at Hotel Kempinski Grand Arena. Ski lift is passing behind the hotel.


2. Traditional way for carpet laundering called “Bari for laundering”. Using this method there is no steam cleaners that beating up the dirt inside, spilled colors and do not apply strong contactless products, so the tissue remains soft and save the real colors.



3. Picture was taken from Bojurland complex in Bansko and shows the greatness of Todorka peak.


4. Picture representing Tevno lake and Kamenitza peak from behind. Tevno lake is a part of a popular mountain route which starts from Dobrinishte and finish in Bansko.


5. Picture of ”Margaritka” flower taken from a well-maintained garden in Bansko. The name of this familiar and beloved flower comes from the Greek word for pearl.


6. Picture called “It’s time to be lazy”. Picture was taken from Aspen Golf Complex in the Golf area near Bansko. Enjoy your sunbaths while contemplating the wonderful scenery at Pirin mountains.


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